Top 15 Shopify Stores in UAE

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Explore UAE's top 15 Shopify stores and get inspired for launching or expanding your own ecommerce business in the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates has become a thriving hub for ecommerce, with Shopify playing a significant role in this growth.

This powerful platform is increasingly being adopted by both emerging and established businesses in the UAE, thanks to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive ecommerce tools.

Shopify is enabling more and more UAE-based businesses to expand their reach, streamline operations, and provide exceptional online shopping experiences.

In this blog post, we will explore 15 outstanding Shopify stores in the UAE, each showcasing how they leverage the platform for their unique online success.

1. M.H.G. Boutique

MHG Boutique Shopify Store Preview

M.H.G. Boutique on Shopify offers an exquisite selection of luxury abayas and fashion wear.

This store combines traditional elegance with contemporary fashion, providing a seamless shopping experience for its customers.

2. Ebarza

Ebarza Shopify Store Preview

Ebarza utilizes Shopify to present a wide range of modern and stylish furniture and home décor.

The store is known for its unique designs and quality products, catering to those with a taste for contemporary aesthetics.

3. Swiss Arabian

Swiss Arabian Shopify Store Preview

Swiss Arabian leverages Shopify to offer an enchanting array of fragrances.

This store brings the essence of Arabian perfumery to a global audience, featuring both traditional and modern scents.

4. QualityFood

Quality Food Shopify Store Preview

QualityFood showcases its extensive range of fresh groceries and organic produce on Shopify.

The store is a go-to destination for health-conscious consumers seeking quality and convenience.

5. Xpressions Style

Xpressions Shopify Store Preview

Xpressions Style offers a diverse selection of beauty and personal care products.

This store caters to those looking for the latest trends in skincare, makeup, and beauty products.

6. Etoile La Boutique

Etoile La Boutique Shopify Store Preview

Etoile La Boutique utilizes Shopify for its curated collection of luxury fashion.

This store is a fashion haven, offering designer apparel and accessories for the style-savvy.

7. LetsTango

Letstango Shopify Store Preview

LetsTango offers a wide variety of electronics, gadgets, and lifestyle products.

This Shopify store is known for its competitive prices and wide selection, appealing to tech enthusiasts.

8. Music Majlis

Music Majlis Shopify Store Preview

Music Majlis employs Shopify to cater to music lovers, offering a range of musical instruments and audio equipment. This store is a favorite among musicians and audiophiles in the UAE.

9. Shopify Store Preview leverages Shopify to deliver beautiful floral arrangements and gifts.

Known for its exquisite designs and timely delivery, this store is perfect for special occasions.

10. Mafee Mushkil

Mafee Mushkil Shopify Store Preview

Mafee Mushkil uses Shopify to showcase its collection of unique lighting solutions and home décor. The store is renowned for its elegant and innovative designs.

11. Min Ayn

Min Ayn Shopify Store Preview

Min Ayn offers a selection of home accessories and décor that blend tradition with modern style.

This store caters to those seeking unique and artisanal pieces for their homes.

12. Care by Italian Shoe Factory

Care by Italian Shoe Factory Shopify Store Preview

Care by Italian Shoe Factory utilizes Shopify to provide premium shoe care products and services.

The store is dedicated to preserving the quality and elegance of fine footwear.

13. Scentitude

Scentitude Shopify Store Preview

Scentitude presents an exquisite range of niche perfumes and fragrances.

The store caters to discerning customers seeking unique and high-quality scents.

14. Samawa

Samawa leverages Shopify for its diverse selection of perfumes, beauty products, and more. It is known for its wide range and affordable prices.

15. Shiffa

Shiffa Shopify Store Preview

Shiffa offers a luxury skincare line inspired by ancient healing techniques.

This Shopify store combines natural ingredients with modern science to provide effective skincare solutions.


The growing popularity of Shopify in the UAE reflects its ability to meet the diverse needs of businesses in the ecommerce space.

From luxury fashion to health and beauty, these top 15 Shopify stores in the UAE demonstrate the platform’s versatility and efficiency.

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